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Coryell County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Coryell County developed a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This CWPP has met all the requirements as a completed and approved CWPP in accordance with Title I of the Healthy Forest Restoration Act of 2003 and with the Texas A&M Forest Service CWPP Review Standards and Criteria Guide, effective October 26, 2023.

The purpose of the CWPP is to reduce the risk of wildfire and property loss caused by wildfire, while establishing a more fire resilient environment and promoting ecosystem health. The Plan is intended to protect human life by creating a comprehensive plan to mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover in the event of a wildfire. 


What is a CWPP?

What is a CWPP?

A CWPP is a comprehensive plan used to address issues such as wildfire response, mitigation, community preparedness, and structure protection. The Plan aims to enhance Coryell County's resilience against wildfires and ensure the safety of homes, families, and natural resources. The Plan is a collaborative effort between the Texas Forest Service, local fire departments and citizens, as well as state and federal agencies. 


Why is a CWPP Important?

Reduce the Risk of Wildfires

Through collaborative efforts, the CWPP identifies high risk areas and establishes strategic practices. The CWPP promotes public awareness and education, fostering a culture of fire safety and responsible land management.

Promote Ecosystem Health

Through practices such as prescribed burns, selective vegetation management, and creating defensible spaces around structures, the CWPP can help mimic natural fire cycles which reduce the accumulation of excessive vegetation and mitigation the intensity of future wildfires.

Protect Human Life and Property

By assessing the County's specific vulnerabilities, the CWPP identifies high-risk areas and implements proactive measures to reduce potential hazards through the creation of defensible spaces, improved firefighter training and capabilities, and enhances overall readiness.


Key CWPP Steps

Working Group

The Working Group is comprised of local subject matter experts who provide input on risk assessments, mitigation strategies, and overall plan development. This is to ensure a well-rounded, comprehensive plan that addresses needs specific to Coryell County in relation to wildfire prevention, preparedness, and response. 

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Public Meetings

A series of public meetings will be held, and they are a crucial platform for fostering community involvement and collaboration in wildfire protection efforts. During these meetings, citizens, local authorities, and wildfire experts will gather to discuss and shape the CWPPs strategies. The meetings will be an opportunity for the public to provide insight, comments, and concerns. 


Submit CWPP

Once the CWPP is developed, it will then be submitted to the Texas Forest Service for review and approval. The Texas Forest Service will evaluate the Plan's feasibility, effectiveness, and alignment with the regional fire management goals and objectives. 

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Risk Assessments

Risk assessments involve gathering data on factors such as local vegetation, historical fire incidents, WUI areas, critical infrastructure, and community demographics. This helps identify high-risk areas and vulnerable assets. After analyzing data, the working group can develop mitigation strategies tailored to the community's needs. 


Action Plan

Based on the results of the Risk Assessments, the Action Plan will be developed which establishes a set of specific mitigation goals and objectives to reduce the risk of future wildfires. Regular reviews and updates will be essential to adapt the Plan to changing conditions, technologies, and community needs. 


Signing Ceremony

After the Texas Forest Service has reviewed and approved the CWPP, a Signing Ceremony will be held to finalize the CWPP. 

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