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All relevant documents will be posted here throughout the CWPP development process.


National Fire Protection Association

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Coryell County Wildfire
Risk Assessments

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Coryell County CWPP Facebook

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Texas Forest Service

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Please click the Texas Forest Service icon to access the TxWRAP portal.

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Texas Weather Connection

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Asbestos and Natural Disasters Guide

Please click the icon to access a guide on Wildfires and Asbestos Exposure


Coryell County Wildfires

TFS identified fires in CoCo 05-21_edite

Coryell County
Wildfire Ignition Causes

CoCo Wildfire Ignition Causes Map.PNG

Wildfire Ignitions

TFS has categorized Wildfire Ignitions to depict the point location of wildfires in the County from 2005 to 2021. The figures below identify the approximate locations and respective sources of wildfire ignitions in Coryell County.

However, this does not display the size of the wildfires. Each ignition type is color coded depending on the cause; ignitions beginning on private County land and Fort Cavazos have been documented separately.


Although the total number of ignitions was fewer on Fort Cavazos, the total acres burned were higher than the County. Fort Cavazos has a total of 50 ignitions and 28,434 acres burned, while the County has 2,250 ignitions and 27,449 acres burned.

Wildfire Ignition Percentages.PNG
Wildfire Ignitions in CoCo 05-21.PNG
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